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Panax Ginseng and Its Basic Mechanism

Chinese Panax Ginseng Root Tea - 20 - BagAsian Panax Ginseng mainly grows in Eastern Asia, it has fleshy roots and is a type of perennial plant.
The ginsenosides that Panax Ginseng contains are steroidal compounds and triperpene saponins.

Although scientists are having hard time finding out the exact effects of saponins on the body, but many believe they are one of the most significant factors that contribute to the effectiveness of Ginseng.

Mainly Panax Ginseng can be found in China, Siberia, Korea, and Vietnam.

Many consider Panax as adaptogenic herbs, they have the ability to reduce anxiety and cure fatigue and stress. Ginseng may also help the body to fight various stressors.

Such abilities are derived from the fact that the herbs can balance hormones of the endocrine system which include pituitary, adrenal axis, and hypothalamus.

The herbs may also help in adjusting the immune system and enhancing phagocytes activity. 

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These phagocytes are white blood cells that perform their main task as soldiers in the body. They eliminate foreign substances like bacteria, and virus in the body.

Ginseng not only maintains homeostasis which is the ability to balance the body's internal environment in response to changes in outside conditions like weather, temperatures, etc.

In addition to that Ginseng may go one step further by acting as an allostatic agent. It regulates the stability of the body by adjusting it in a more dynamic way.

It regulates various systems of the body as opposed to homeostasis that only adapt a single function.

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Tales of the Ginseng

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