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Benefits of Ginseng for Cardiovascular System and Immunity

Ginseng may benefit the central nervous system and cardiovascular system of the body.

In China, it's a common thing to encounter the usage of ginseng to stabilize the blood pressure after a sudden heart attack.
Russian and German doctors also agree with such opinion, because they consider ginseng to be effective in treating high blood pressure.

Ginsenosides, panaxtrial, and triester which are the substances that ginseng contains may benefit those who deal with cholesterol and low blood pressure.

It can also help to stimulate the nervous system or be consumed as tonic.

Many Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that American Ginseng has the effect of promoting the 'Yin' part of the body. 

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On the other side, Panax Ginseng or Asian ginseng is believed to enhance 'yang' part or the heat part of the body.
Researches at the University of Wisconsin tested American Ginseng effects on animals and they found that it is the most effective type of Ginsengs in reducing cholesterol. 

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Immune System
Fulder once conducted an experiment that fed animals with ginseng. After being fed, the animals were injected with bacteria that may cause disease.

The result of the experiment showed the animals stayed in healthy condition. It proved that body resistance can be strengthen by consuming ginseng.

According to Japanese researchers analysis on Ginseng, they found that this herb strengthens the white blood cells.
These cells provide immunity and protect the body from all microorganism and foreign substances that have tendency to invade the body, thus, boosting the overall immune system.

Ginseng allows the number of white blood cells to be increased by stimulating white blood cells production in bone marrow.

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