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Ginseng Can Help You GoThrough Tough Times

Hsu's Ginseng 130.4, Half Short XL Cultivated American Roots 4ozThe physical and mental condition of human can be boosted through Ginseng consumption.

When you take Ginseng as a regular supplement, you'll notice a significant increase in energy, lower cholesterol level, more stable body physiology. Ginseng may also help prevent cancer.

Traditionally, ginseng is well known for its role in improving sexual harmony. But beside its traditional role, ginseng has been long used to strengthen the body and  restore it from exhaustion.

Several studies suggest ginseng as additional therapy for Alzheimer's disease. It may also help patients with diabetes by lowering blood sugar level and promote anti-aging.

Generally, ginseng gives positive effects to the body by strengthening our immune system.

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Let's focus on the role of Ginseng in reducing stress.

In studies that were conducted in several countries including Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, London, and North America. They found mice that consumed ginseng with regular dose showed significant reduction in stress level.

According to a book written by Stephen Fulder titled "Ginseng, The Magical Herb of the East", ginseng has the ability to help someone who's under pressure to restore to his normal condition in a more rapid way.

Both in Korea and China, the researchers found that ginseng may produce positive effects to adrenal glands and mind activities.

Researches at the University of California in 1980s concluded the positive effects of ginseng in relation to vitality, stress, and resilience:

  • Ginseng has the ability to maximize the production of energy in the body in a more efficient way.
  • This beneficial herb may help stabilize the metabolism speed. It works by enhancing the food digestion process, generate energy from food to digest, and remove toxins in the body.
  • Ginseng contains ginsenosides, this substance is able to enhance the work of the body's nervous system by activating brain's neurotransmitters and allowing more blood flow to brain.

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    This is the video of Panax Notoginseng, You should be aware that this is a different type from common ginsengs. 

    Common types of ginseng are Panax Ginseng. While this one is usually called Pseudoginseng.

    This Notoginseng aka Pseudoginseng has also many beneficial health properties. Learn more about it by reading my article Notoginseng

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