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Find Out The Real Ginseng Benefits

By: Juandy Liem

Ginseng is well known as a slow growing herb. It is originated from the mountain forests in northeastern of China. It's also found in Korea and in Russia's far eastern regions.

This herb is widely used by many Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Most of them acknowledge ginseng benefits as a powerful tonic in enhancing sexual performance, physical strength, and mental stability. 

This herb has been used for a long time to improve body's vitality and reducing stress. There are various types of ginseng that are being used as powerful herbal products such as American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Himalayan Ginseng, and even Siberian Ginseng. The Siberian one is actually not a species of Ginseng,  it's usually called pseudo ginseng.

The most useful part of the herb is its roots. Today many people take ginseng in powdered form that's packaged inside a capsule or mixed with warm water. There are also products that combine ginseng powder with tea. 

Now let's talk about ginseng benefits, in Chinese medicine paradigm, ginseng has the ability to affect 'yin' and 'yang'. Different type of ginseng exhibits different reactions to yin or yang. American ginseng is known to improve ying which is the cooling property of the body.


People who suffer from fever or respiratory tract disorders may gain benefit from consuming this type of ginseng.
While the Korean and Chinese ginseng exhibits 'yang' properties, which are the 'heating' properties. Such herb may help people who have issues with blood circulation. 

From the western medicine perspective, ginseng is known as an adaptogen which simply means that it has the ability to improve the physical condition of the body. Many people consume ginseng regularly because they gain its benefits, they have better endurance and improved coordination and reflexes.

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Here are some interesting information regarding ginseng benefits to the body :

  • The Red ginseng contains falcarinol which is a type of fatty alcohol. This substance exhibits promising results as an anti carcinogenic and may be used in treatments for breast cancer cell. 
  • Beside falcarinol, the red ginseng also contains other types of fatty alcohol which can be used in antibiotical applications. 
  • In another study, the application of 100 to 200 milligrams of panax ginseng were tested to 36 patients that suffer from non-insulin dependent diabetes. After a period of eight weeks, the researchers found that there were significant positive improvements in the patients' fasting blood glucose level. They also found that those patients have better mood and psychophysical performance.
  • Ginseng showed good improvement to males who suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, they need to take it continuously in order to gain the benefits while other drugs can be used only when necessary. But it's also a sign that Ginseng is a herb that treats the body as a whole thus improving all the functions and systems in our body.
  • There's a research on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that used the application of American ginseng in combination with ginkgo. The research showed an inconclusive result that the combination of the herbs may aid ADHD treatment.

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There are groups of scientists that believe American ginseng has the ability to improve body's resistance in fighting off diseases and infections. Improving the cell functions and a role in improving immunity are other ginseng benefits that are admired by many people.

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