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Ginseng and Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments like drugs and radiation therapy may produce negative side effects to the body. This is where the role of Ginseng comes into play.

According to researchers from Russia and Korea, the patients who take ginseng with prescribed dosage were able to sustain the increased level of anti-cancer drugs usage.

The studies of ginseng showed that the positive effects are regulated from its bioactive substances like saponins, peptides, fatty acids, polyacetylenes, polysaccharides, and of course ginsenoids.
According to Chinese Medicine Journal, ginsenoids exhibit anti-tumor behaviors like inducing apoptosis, anti-invasion, anti-proliferation, and anti-metastasis, and also anti-angiogenesis.

The ability to Induce apoptosis is the ability to stimulate the death of the tumor.

While metastasis is the process that enables tumor to spread from its base location to other parts of the body. 

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Ginsenosides can help to control the metastasis process of tumor cells thus limiting tumor aggressiveness.
The herb can inhibit lung metastasis and minimize a great number of tumors in breast, gastric, melanoma and lung cancers.

Apparently, there's only one way to cure cancer, it is by controlling cancer cells' metastasis ability and kill those tumor cells.

In Ginseng you can find several substances that may induce ovarian and prostrate cancer cells to death. They also induce cell death in lung adenocarcinoma cells.

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According to research, Ginseng combats cancer cells by inducing tumor cell death.


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