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The Powerful Advantages of Panax Ginseng

Why one has cholesterol, clogging of the blood vessels, heart disease, stroke, diabetes & cancer?

Majority of the modern people cannot completely meet the four basic elements in maintaining the best state of health due to all kind of factors.

Poor quality modern diet, where their nutrition values are much different from before. We often consume processed rice, wines, meats, desserts and other acidic food.

Also, because pollution of air, water and food, massive toxins like agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizer, growth hormone, pesticides and medicine and others that accumulate in the body, coupling with lack of exercise, life pressure and strain, resulted in acidification of the body (normal body Is with weak acidity), thus affecting health.

The acidic body can destroy a person’s natural healing ability (i.e. immunity – more active enzymatic response means stronger immunity power).

When the human body turns acidic, the enzymatic response would slow down, with the body functions also gradually lulls thus, vulnerable to attack by diseases.

When operation of various organs in the body are in normal condition, resistance and immunization system and natural healing power will enhanced, ultimately achieving regulation and improvement of body condition, thus making the body healthy.

Ginseng could promote and regulate various organs in the body. It is a natural food as well as a health food, representing the same origin of medicinal food.

This means that its power lies not in any one ingredient but in the working combination of its many constituents.

Although ginseng is rich in germanium, calcium, magnesium, iron and B vitamins, the ingredients commonly thought to be most responsible for ginseng's adaptogenic properties are called ginsenosides (saponins).
They are found in mature Korean Panax ginseng to a far larger degree than in other forms of ginseng.

Scientific research on its efficacy proved that ginseng is not an ecstasy or tonic, it is also not a cure to specific diseases, but it is a substance to balance the human body at normal condition.

Benefits of Bing Han Refined Panax Ginseng Powder:

1.Prevents deadly disease by removing toxins.

2.Strengthens internal organs & immune system.

3. Balances the body system.

4. Gives more energy and better concentration.

5. Restore well-being.

There's a powerful Ginseng Product called "Bing Han Panax Ginseng", here's the testimonials:

Donald Bonchard.

I have had many fatty tumors on my body over the last 20 years. These tumors are considered to be hereditary. After taking Bing Han Ginseng powder over the past year I have noticed a lot of these tumors to be getting smaller in size.

One of the tumors on the right side of my head has all but disappeared. Also I have five hemorrhoids and all have disappeared.

Nancy (Chicago)

I have suffered from eczema for most of my life. Fortunately, I was able to keep it under control and it was down to only one spot on the back of my head.

It would be very itchy, especially in the winter. When it flared up in spring of 2008, I was introduced to the Bing Han ginseng power.

I took it and it was almost gone, but not completely gone. Later I found out that if one wishes to have complete healing, one must take a large amount of ginseng.

Francis from Chicago

In March 2008 I was involved in a hit-and-run accident, left on the side of the the road to die. Fortunately, there was a nurse in a car behind me who witnessed the accident and called for help.

I survived with a serious surgery to my face; the doctors saw no hope of my face returning to anywhere near its original look. I was told that if I were to use ginseng, I could possibly have healing results that would be almost miraculous. The rescue came from Bing Han shortly after I came out of the hospital.

I made a very strong effort to take the ginseng as suggested, the results can be seen in the photos.